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SO326: Module homepage

Welcome to the Module Home Page for 2014-15 for the module

Population and Social Change (SO326)

This page is under construction

If you have any queries about the module, then please e-mail the module tutor, Richard Lampard




The module's web pages for the last year the module ran (2012-13) are available here


Population and Social Change starts with the Week 2 lecture on Monday 6th October at 11am, in S0.11, i.e. there are no sessions for this module during Week 1.


However, links to details of a couple of preliminary ‘warm-up tasks’ to do in Week 1 can be found below...

Week 1 'Warm-up' questions

Week 1 Library task

The above activities are also available as a hard copy via a box on the window ledge in the Sociology Common Room (R2.19)


Note that the seminar times for the module are as follows:

Monday 1-2 in H4.45, or Tuesday 12-1 in H0.44, or Tuesday 2-3 in S1.66

[Please attend the seminar to which you are allocated to avoid problems with room capacity]




Module outline/Reading list 2014/15: Related web links

[Hard copies of the reading list will be given out in the first lecture in Week 2]

Schedule 2014-15


Module resources (including link to Library course extracts)


British Society for Population Studies Annual Conference (September 2014)

Click here for a link where you can look at the programme and paper abstracts.