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Course Structure



The Warwick IFP is a comprehensive programme designed to allow you to develop the academic, English language and extracurricular skills necessary to succeed in your future studies.

The course comprises the following core features:

  • Completion of three (3) academic modules designed to develop knowledge and understanding of a range of subject disciplines relevant to future progression opportunities
  • Completion of a core Inquiry and Research Skills module designed to develop and enhance critical thinking and inter-disciplinary skills, articulate learning and work collaboratively towards shared academic objectives
  • Completion of an English for Academic Purposes Module designed to develop your language skills relevant to your subject area.
  • IELTS training and support to enable you to meet the IELTS entry criteria necessary for your chosen course
  • An academic enrichment programme of activities aligned with your course and modules, giving you the opportunity to enhance your learning by attending relevant excursions, workshops and talks
  • A social programme enabling you to make network with students on the course in a social environment and further enhance your conversational English

In addition to your core teaching timetable, there may be additional top-up classes provided to assist you with your chosen specialism. These additional classes will be provided only where students have requested them and when there is sufficient staff available to support them.

In the past, the department has been able to provide:
  • GCSE Mathematics preparation for students requiring additional maths for progression to undergraduate study
  • STEP Examination preparation sessions for students requiring to sit the STEP entrance test
  • Interview preparation for students holding interview offers from Oxford, Cambridge or other highly selective universities or courses

Additional English Language support for students requiring further tuition to further develop their English language proficiency

Programme Aims and Objectives

The Warwick IFP will:
  • Provide a nurturing and supportive environment in which you can expect to be treated fairly at all times and encouraged to develop to the very best of your ability
  • Ensure the delivery of innovative teaching and promote effective learning
  • Help you to grow in self-confidence and to take responsibility for your own learning
  • Equip you with the skills that will prepare you for your future career
On successful completion of the programme, we hope that you will:
  • Possess sound knowledge of your particular discipline
  • Be capable of analytical, critically-reflective approaches to your learning and work
  • Be able to communicate effectively in a variety of different contexts
  • Be able to identify and use appropriate IT and web-based tools effectively
  • Be able to work both independently and collaboratively
  • Have the capacity for self-reflection, the ability to recognise your personal strengths and the motivation to develop these further
  • Have the awareness and appreciation of social and cultural diversity

Module Availability

For each academic route students have a selection of fixed compulsory modules .The modules selected for each route have been chosen to ensure that students have the ability to develop the skills and understanding necessary to progress to a wide range of undergraduate courses after the Warwick IFP.

You may wish to change your course within the first three (3) weeks of the course in limited circumstances. You should view our course transfer process if this is the case.


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