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Background to CMS6

The Sixth International Critical Management Studies (CMS) Conference is to be held at Warwick Business School, The University of Warwick, UK, between July 13th and July 15th 2009.
Since the first conference, hosted in 1999 by the then Manchester School of Management, CMS has developed a significant international academic profile providing academics and practitioners around the world with the opportunity to explore the meaning and practice of management in new and often radical ways. The Sixth International Critical Management Studies Conference aims to further this opportunity, inviting contributions from a global constituency of critical scholars, practitioners, students and other interested parties. Below are some of the areas we are questioning and exploring during CMS6:
  • traditional management functions, including operations, accounting, information systems, marketing, industrial relations, etc.
  • long standing organisational dynamics regarding power, gender, resistance, sexuality, identity, space, emotions, etc.
  • emerging contemporary issues: precarity, globalisation, development, new technologies, governance, (in)security, etc.