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Streams at CMS6

Submitting to Streams at CMS

Below you will find links to the details of all the individual streams which are on offer at CMS 6.

All submissions should comprise of a 1000 words (maximum) abstract, typed in 12 point font and single spaced. These should be sent by e-mail to the indicated convenor of the relevant stream no later than November 1st 2008. Full papers will be expected by May 1st 2009.

Stream 1 - Self-Interest and the Self-Interested: Cynicism, Narcissism and Vanity in Organization (Convenors: Christian De Cock, Peter Fleming, Alf Rehn)

Stream 2 - Open Stream (Convenors: Philip Hancock, Melissa Tyler)

Stream 3 - ICT's and Globalization (Convenors: Lynette Kvasny, Nathalie Mitev, Helen Richardson)

Stream 4 - Organizational Memory, History and Forgetting (Convernors: Michael Rowlinson, Roy Stager Jacques, Charles Booth)

Stream 5 - Whole Lives (Convenors: Julia Richardson, Dalvir-Samra Fredericks, Susanne Tietze)

Stream 6 - Critical Perspectives on Strategy as Discourse and Practice (Convenors: Damon Golsorkhi, Dalvir Samra-Fredericks, Eero Vaara)

Stream 7 - The Impact of Critical Management on International Business (Convenors: Joanne Roberts, George Cairns, David L. Levy)

Stream 8 - Violence, Individuals and Organizations: Psychodynamic Perspectives (Convenors: Paula Hyde, Bukard Sievers, Yiannis Gabriel)

Stream 9 - Exploring the Intersection Between Diversity, Control and Resistance in Organizations (Convenors: Patrizia Zanoni, Maddy Janssens, Penny Dick, Charlotte Yates)

Stream 10 - What's Critical About Information Systems? (Convenors: Alistair Mutch et al)

Stream 11 - Critical International Management - A Perspective From Latin America (Convenors: Eduardo Ibarra-Colado, Ana Guedes, Alex Faria)

Stream 12 - Feminism and Critical Race Theory (Covenors: Diane Grimes et al)

Stream 13 - From Governmentality to Managementality - And Back Again (Convenors: Martin Fougère, Hans Hasselbladh, Per Skålén)

Stream 14 - The Power and Emotion of Human Resource Development: A Critical Perspect (Convenors: Jim Stewart et al)

Stream 15 - Psychoanalysis, Sex, Sexuality and Gender in Organisation Studies (Convenors: Sarah Gilmore, Jackie Ford, Marianna Fotaki, Nancy Harding)

Stream 16 - Critical Perspectives of Corporate Governance (Convenors: Ismael Al-Amoudi, John Hendry, John Roberts, David Seidl)

Stream 17 - The Meaning of Work (Convenors: Scott Taylor, Marjo Lips-Wiersma, Albert J. Mills)

Stream 18 - Accountability and Accounterability (Convenors: John Francis McKernan, Ken McPhail, Tobias Scheytt)

Stream 19 - Postcolonialism (Convernors: Bobby Banerjee, Anshuman Prasad, Rafael Alcadipani)

Stream 20 - The Role of the Contemplative in Workplace Organization: Exploring Spiritualities, Theologies, Philosophies, and Ethics (Convenors: Peter Case, Matthew Eriksen, Albert J. Mills, Angela Hope)

Stream 21 - Public Sector at "War": Exploring Discources, Practices, Identities (Convenors: Gabriele Fassauer, Andrea Fried, Ronald Hartz, Elke Weik)

Stream 22 - Enterprising Cultures (Convenors: Deirdre Tedmanson, Caroline Essers, Lia Bryant)

Stream 23 - After Dark: Organizations and the Night Time Economy (Convenors: Heather Höpfl, Stephen Linstead, Hugo Letiche)

Stream 24 - Elites (Convenors: Glenn Morgan et al)

Stream 25 - The Environmental Challenge: Exploring Practices of the Past, Present and Future (Convenors: Katarina Buhr, Steffen Böhm, Andrew Hoffman)