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Critical Governance Publications

There are several ongoing complementary activities in the wider critical governance project. We are planning a second conference in December 2012 (dates to be confirmed). We have also produced a cross-disciplinary collection exploring "Critical Governance Studies: A Cross-Disciplinary Perspective", currently under review with Environment and Planning C. The collection addresses the following themes and the cross-cutting critical themes:

  • Citizens: Professor Stewart Ranson
  • Money: Professor Paul du Gay, Dr Yuval Millo and Dr Penelope Tuck
  • Networks: Professor Jonathan Davies and Professor Andre Spicer
  • Science: Professor Hugh Willmott
  • Space: Dr Angus Cameron and Professor Ben Rosamond

We are also looking at options for a post-conference special issue on the theme 'Contesting Governance Hegemonies'. Further details to follow in due course. Please join our listserve for ongoing updates about the project at

If you participated in one or more of our events and have a relevant 'critical governance' publication you would like to highlight on this page, please email details to