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Evidence Use in Healthcare Commissioning

Evidence Use in Healthcare Commissioning

Self-Assessment Tools

We have developed two self-assessment tools to help you understand and improve commissioning processes. The first tool is a short survey (<10 mins) on your experiences of evidence use in commissioning. The survey offers tailored feedback to help you understand, plan, and improve evidence use. Participation is voluntary & no identifying information is collected. Please see: Evidence Use in Clinical Commissioning

The second tool is a comprehensive assessment of the wider processes involved in making decision making within a CCG team. It focuses not just on the use of evidence, but also on the individual, team, and leadership processes involved in evidence-based decision making. The tool can offer feedback on how to develop and improve your team processes for evidence-based decision making. If your team is interested in completing this tool,please contact or

About Us

This resource is informed by two projects on evidence use in clinical commissioning conducted at WBS (NIHR 12/5002/20 & 12/5002/01). Supported by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the resource was developed by Prof Jacky Swan (principal investigator) and Prof Graeme Currie and Dr Rachel Manning (co-investigators). Prof Tina Kiefer and Dr Yaru Chen also contributed. Ideas are our own and we welcome questions or comments, which can be addressed to:

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