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Warwick Practice Fellowship

In 2021, we were pleased to offer the Warwick Practice Fellowship to three Beginner’s Introduction Fellowships to Tina Sahakian, Vidit Mohan and Gislaine Sediyama and a Summer School Fellowship to Chendan Cui-Laughton.

The Warwick Practice Fellowship award covers all fees for a participant who is affiliated with an institution based outside of Europe, North America, Australasia or East Asia, or who is resident there. The fellowship is intended to support scholars who document practices indigenous to non-traditional settings. As organisers we appreciate that such scholars might be faced with challenges that academics elsewhere do not encounter. Meanwhile, we believe that practice studies from less familiar settings have a valuable contribution to make to the field. The Warwick Practice Fellowship is our gesture in support of such scholars and an effort to help them grow.

2021 Practice Fellow - Summer School
Chendan Cui-Laughton, PhD candidate, Department of communication, Université de Montréal

It’s such a great honor to be awarded the 2021 Warwick Practice Fellowship. Being a China-born immigrant to the U.S., I am passionate about studying organizational communication from a cross-cultural perspective. My research is focused on practices that take place in Chinese society, where people hold different worldviews, ideologies, and traditions. To do so, while anchoring my study in the communicative constitution of organizations (CCO) tradition, I rejuvenate traditional Chinese thoughts and indigenous social theories, and aim at enriching insights about the Chinese way of organizing and its global influence under the current global dynamic.

My ongoing dissertation pays attention to traditional Chinese martial arts organizations (TCMAOs), which belong to one special group of secular religious organizations. Despite the “Kung Fu craze” which began in the 1970s, TCMAOs are still an understudied marginal territory in organization studies. But it is a “golden ore” to study the Chinese way of organizing since it is at the crossroads of tradition and modernity and plays a huge role in the thriving martial arts industry and China’s global ideology campaign. My framework integrates the Montreal School’s views on communication and authority with Chinese anthropologist and sociologist Fei Xiaotong’s theory of Chaxugeju (differential mode of association) and develops the concept of differential authority as a new lens to examine authority. I specifically investigate how body practices, such as photo-posing, combat, and ritualized body practices, contribute to the communicative accomplishment of authority. This project aims at contributing insights about authority and practice theories gained from indigenous theories and practices.

I am amazed by how well-structured and organized the Warwick Summer School is. I am grateful that I can have this valuable opportunity to learn from like-minded individuals and listen to top-leading scholars in the field. Moreover, I believe all the constructive feedback from the “research clinic” will help me better craft my dissertation. Most importantly, I want to express my tremendous gratitude to the Warwick Business School and the organizers of the summer school for supporting studies in unfamiliar and non-Western settings. This fellowship is a great encouragement for scholars who might feel marginalized due to their research topics or research settings: the marginal can be the new mainstream.

2021 Practice Fellow - Beginner's Day
Tina Sahakian, Visiting researcher, Tilburg University

I am exceedingly grateful to Warwick Business School and the organizers of the Beginners’ Introduction for being awarded the 2021 Warwick Fellowship. In my research, I examine the practice of Evidence-based Management and its contextual nuances among Lebanese hospital managers. I believe practice and process theories can help develop current understanding of Evidence-based Management practice in the Lebanese healthcare context and ways to encourage its future adoption. Participating in the Beginners’ Introduction will allow me to gain the understand necessary to leverage these theories to achieve my aims. My participation would simply not be possible without the Warwick Fellowship.

Vidit Mohan, PhD candidate, Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India

I extend my sincere gratitude to the Warwick Business School and the organizers of the 2021 Warwick Summer School for awarding me the 2021 Warwick Practice Fellowship. As a PhD student at IIT Bombay, I am studying the practices of business incubation in India. This research is aimed at generating novel empirical and theoretical insights by adopting the Entrepreneurship as Practice (EaP) approach in the context of an innovation and incubation center in India. Since, the support organizations have remained relatively under-explored in entrepreneurship research, the aim is to determine the practices associated with the early-stage entrepreneurial ventures by adopting a multiple-practitioner perspective in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. I am convinced that this introductory session would be intellectually stimulating and would allow me to improve my research design to make meaningful contributions.

Gislaine Sediyama, PhD Candidate, University of São Paulo

I am glad to be awarded the 2021 Warwick Practice Fellowship. I am studying public organizations that faced traumatic shocks to understand how the organizing enacted this disruptive event to innovate and appropriate digital spaces to expand the borders of an organization. Exploring jointly process, temporality, spatiality, and digitality, I believe that public Museums offer a thought-provoking understanding of this phenomenon. In essence, museums give us access to the past, a unique historical heritage that could be lost when a traumatic event suddenly happens, and the museums fail to manage some risks.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be in touch with the practice and processes thinkers and researchers to learn and develop my ideas. Thanks to Warwick Business School and the summer school organizers for the support and effort to help me grow.

2020 Practice Fellow
Maria Andrea De Villa, Professor of Strategy, Universidad EAFIT, Colombia

Maria Andrea De Villa

I gratefully appreciate being awarded the 2020 Warwick Practice Fellowship. I am currently studying how Colombian coffee growers develop practices to adapt and contribute to climate change. The National Colombian Association of Coffee Growers is one of the biggest NGOs in the world and has developed an effective set of practices and processes to address climate change. From a strategic management perspective, I believe this case can advance our understanding of the development of organizational practices and processes for addressing climate change, and more broadly, global challenges. Therefore, I am immensely thankful for the opportunity to develop my research by learning state-of-the–art understandings of practice and process studies. Moreover, I am looking forward to receiving constructive feedback from top-leading scholars in the field to improve my research design with the aim of making a valuable contribution to theory and practice. I wish to express my gratitude to Warwick Business School and the organizers of the summer school for sponsoring this fellow and supporting scholars who conduct research in less familiar settings.