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Summer School on Practiced-based Studies 2021

An international gathering dedicated to the study, advancement and future development of practice-based studies in organization, administrative and social studies.

Pushing the Boundaries of Sociomateriality

University of Warwick, Coventry, Wednesday 21 July 2021 (Beginner's Day) and Tuesday 27 - Thursday 29 July 2021 ( Summer School on Practiced-based Studies) - Hybrid event

Co-Directors: Katharina Dittrich and Mira Slavova

About the Summer School

The Summer School is a yearly initiative aimed at the diffusion, development, and advancement of practice-based studies. Our ethos is to be inclusive and open, and we aim to create a temporary learning community characterized by open dialogue, discussion, and joint exploration.

The School is programmatically multi-disciplinary and open to a variety of approaches and sensitivities. It is organised by Warwick’s Practice, Process, and Institutions (PPI) Research Programme in collaboration with the International Symposium Series on Process Organization Studies (PROS). This year the event is coordinated by Katharina Dittrich and Mira Slavova. The School has been running yearly since 2013. Past directors include Hari Tsoukas, Maja Korica, Ila Bharatan, Davide Nicolini.

The program of the Summer School covers state-of-the-art understandings of practice and process studies (2 days) and a variable theme (1 day) with relevance to current debates.

Beginners’ Introduction to Practice and Process Theory, Online ( 21 July 2021)

A one day introductory session is available to all scholars new to the field and interested in better understanding the potential of practice and process theory for their research No prior experience is required.

State-of-the-art Understandings

During the first two days the program of the 2021 Warwick Summer School will cover the latest advancements in thinking about and the doing of practice and process studies Attendees will have the opportunity to share manuscripts, research proposals, and progress reports during ‘research clinics’ and receive feedback on their work from seasoned faculty including:
Davide Nicolini, Warwick Business School
Katharina Dittrich, Warwick Business School
Mira Slavova Warwick Business School
Jorgen Sandberg, University of Queensland Warwick Business School
Hari Tsoukas University of Cyprus Warwick Business School

2021 Theme Pushing the Boundaries of Sociomateriality
Each summer school we explore a field and where it could head in the future. This year our keynote speaker Wanda Orlikowski (MIT Sloan School of Management) will share her views on the current state of the field of sociomateriality and what new directions might be possible in future cutting edge research. For example, we will reflect on how to move beyond notions of entanglement and imbrication and what emerging ideas will help to drive theorizing forward. François Cooren (Université de Montréal) will present a provocation to the field and examine how we can stop automatically associating matter to something that can be touched or seen, that is, something tangible or visible. He will present ideas on how a focus on processes of materialization can move beyond notions of entanglement and imbrication.

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