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The 2020 Warwick Business School/KIN Innovation Summit

Postponed - 26 March 2020, The Shard, London

New date to be advised soon - late September/early Oct
The health and safety of our KIN colleagues and the public is paramount to us. With this in mind amidst the ongoing Coronavirus situation, the KIN team have taken the decision to postpone the KIN Innovation Summit on Thursday 26 March 2020. We know many of you were looking forward to the event and participating in what promised to be an exciting and stimulating discussion. Therefore, we are working to reschedule the event for late September/early October. As soon as we have a date confirmed we will inform you all.
Please do still keep Thursday 26 March free in your diaries, we are planning to deliver a live webinar with our KIN director, Davide Nicolini and our experienced KIN facilitators who understand the need to be innovative in this current climate and build virtual-communities as more of us experience remote working. We will be in touch in the next few days with details of what time the webinar will take place and how to access it.
Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding. The KIN team

Making Innovation Happen

This year’s Summit focuses on how successful disruptors make innovation happen. Building on the success of last year’s edition on “The future of Work”, we will ask: how can you imagine a different future? How do you reinvent an organization around a new business model? How do you make innovation happen and stick?

Come and learn from authors who imagine the future for a living; from leading academics who have researched and consulted some of the biggest disrupting organisations in the world; and from companies that use innovation processes to put humans on Mars, make cities more sustainable and workplaces more liveable and productive.


Live the Dream
Nick Harkaway – Science Fiction writer

Nick will start the Summit with a talk relating to how he creates totally new environments using his imagination. Nick will talk about how to make stories and story worlds, and about how we all end up living in the dream: the real world as reimagined by people like novelists, designers, politicians and technologists. We know that ideas change - and build - the world, so what does that mean for those of us whose job is to come up with them? What are the boundaries and ethics of dreaming the next big thing? And what is it?


Why Mavericks Matter
Loizos Heracleous, Professor of Strategy, Warwick Business School

Loizos will talk about the strategic evolution of NASA and then go in more detail on the “pirates” and their role in innovation for the new mission control in the face of organisational and cultural resistance. How do managers cope with mavericks?


Collaboration and Innovation, Sending Nasa Into Space
Carlos Westhelle, Chief Technology Officer, NASA Johnson Space Center

Carlos will explain how innovation works at NASA, how NASA builds collaborative teams to accelerate innovation, why this is so important and how leadership acts as a catalyst.

From Open Innovation to Open Strategy
Christian Stadler, Professor of Strategic Management, Warwick Business School

Christian will be discussing why secrecy is no longer a backbone of strategy. Barclays, The US Navy, and BASF are just a few examples of organizations that started to open up their strategy development process to let in technologists, customers, front-line employees and even competitors. Doing so, they readied themselves for big disruptions.


The rise of the platform business model, breaking the definition of the Corporate
Pinar Ozcan, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Saïd Business School, Oxford University

Pinar’s topic will be digital disruption and the rise of platform business models which require collaboration across organisations. Pinar will be focusing on examples from mobile payments, applications, sharing economy, and banking.


The Hitchhiker's Guide to Severn Trent's Innovation Journey
Lesley Parker, Innovation Engagement Lead and Richard Smith, Wastewater Technical Lead

Severn Trent Water has been on an open innovation odyssey for the past 3 years. This instalment reflects on where they intended to go and where they ended up, with a good deal of learning about innovation and culture along the way. Brought to life through the story of the inception, development and launch of a first-in-UK novel wastewater technologies testpad at a Severn Trent site.



The day is specifically aimed at innovation strategists, internal innovation catalysts and institutional disruptors. Open minded managers who are interested to learn how they can make innovation happen in their organizations are also very welcome.

KIN membership notice

KIN Corporate member organisations have 4 free places at this event. Registration for the KIN Innovation submit is through your organisation's KIN Key Contact. If you do not know who this is, contact

KIN Business member organisations have 1 free place at this event and can add 2 further Pay As You Go (PAYG) places at a cost of £890 per person.

Due to the nature of the network and the sensitive nature of our discussions we need all participants to become a member of KIN. Your first event as a KIN PAYG delegate will not include your membership fee but if you feel you would like to join the Network you will be charged a £100 membership fee with your next event.

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