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Past events

Masterclass: Knowledge Risk Assessments

The aim of this interactive masterclass is to explore the idea of 'Knowledge Risk' and how an organisation may go about managing it.

Masterclass: Tackling isolation and avoiding burnout (for knowledge & community managers and innovators)

How do you tackle technostress and avoid burnout for good mental health?

Autumn 2019 KIN Member's Workshop: Putting Communities at the heart of your knowledge ecosystem

Knowledge Management Masterclass: Exploring ISO 30401

A deep dive into the KM Chef's Canvas and 'Chef's Specials' highlighting examples of good and innovative KM practices.

Masterclass: How To Map, Manage And Develop Expertise In Organisations

An introduction to a suite of tools to manage tacit knowledge, what we can do but cannot describe in words.Led by Rodrigo Ribeiro, UFMG, Brazil