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KIN - The Innovation Network

What is KIN?

KIN is part of the IKON Research Unit based at WBS and connects peers, practitioners, researcher and experts, providing a non-competitive, sharing environment to help members improve their business practices.

KIN membership provides organisations with access to a range of activities and resources including workshops, special themed meetings, member-only online resources, and access to WBS research.

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News and Events

KIN Summer Workshop 2018 - The People side of the Innovative Organisation on 12th - 13th June 2018

The reason innovations fail is never about the technology - innovations fail because of people! Those people who might need to adopt a new idea, process or technology who may not be sold on it, might be afraid of it, or might feel threatened by the change as they do not have the skills or knowledge to be able to deal with it. These may be kinds of people who long for yesterday not tomorrow, people who will need support, guidance and reasons to change...

Masterclass: Building Trust With Blockchain - 03 July 2018, 14:00 - 17:30hrs

Blockchain provides a way to transact in a secure, immutable, transparent, and auditable way. However, the understanding of the technology varies widely in terms of its potential and applicability.

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KIN membership provides

Quarterly Workshops

Masterclasses, Roundtables and Webinars

Member-only online resources

Dedicated consultancy time with KIN Facilitators

Access to WBS research and academics

"KIN workshops are well planned and facilitated and generate a lot of energy and enthusiasm - difficult to improve on!"

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