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Liucen Pan

Liucen’s research specialises in information systems and organisation strategies. Her expertise lies in digitalisation in the workplace, open strategy, diversity in the workplace, and open talents for the high skilled gig economy. Liucen is a qualitative researcher, being familiar with the process of inductive coding and having experience with various research approaches. Liucen is also a member of the staff-student liaison committee (SSLC) at Warwick Business School.

Liucen's research is under the supervison of professor João Baptista (John), chair in information systems at the University of Lancaster and Dr Mo Moeini, Associate professor in information systems at Warwick Business School, the University of Warwick.


•Pan, L. Moeini, M and Baptista, J. (2023). IT-Enabled Purposeful Diversification of Pool of Participants When Openning up Important Decisions. Academy of Management Proceedings 2023 (1), 17860.

•Corporaal, F. G. and Pan, L. (2022). Digital orchestration for Industry-wide strategic change: Evidence from the centre for the transformation of work trade association – short paper submitted to 2022 EGOS Conference, sub-theme 24 (accepted).

•Pan, L. and Baptista, J. (2021). An investigation of how organisations manage the tensions of strategy making in an inclusive organisation: A practise-based theory of diversity perspective. 2021 EGOS Conference paper subtheme 48 (accepted).



Email:phd19lp at mail dot wbs dot ac dot uk