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Sergey Stroppiana Tabankov

After completing my postgraduate degree at the London School of Economics, I landed a position as a PhD candidate at Warwick Business School where I am focusing on the interrelationship between information systems, business and management with a particular interest in artificial intelligence, business analytics, data and machine learning.

PhD Supervisors:

Dr Mareike Möhlmann, Assistant Professor, Information and Process Management, Bentley University, USA

Professor Ola Henfridsson, Professor of Business Technology, Miami Herbert Business School, University of Miami, USA



  • Stroppiana Tabankov, S. and Möhlmann, M. (2021). Tensions Interrelation Across the Implementation Stages of Business Analytics. Academy of Management Proceedings, (1).
  • Stroppiana Tabankov, S. and Möhlmann, M. (2021). Artificial Intelligence for In-flight Services: How the Lufthansa Group Managed Explainability and Accuracy Concerns. Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems, Austin, USA.



Teaching Interests:

IB 2390 Changing Organisations
IB 1430 Digital Ventures
IB 2490 Global Environment of Business
IB 91U0-1 Governance and Corporate Responsibility
IB 96H0 Knowledge Work and Innovation