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"Bridging the gap between academia and industry"

The Marketing Insight Series (MiS) is an award-winning series and was co-founded by Dr Laura Chamberlain and Faye Neivens during the 2017-18 academic year, with the intention of ‘bridging the gap between academia and industry’ at the University of Warwick. MiS is an unprecedented suite of events ranging from top industry speakers to skills workshops and student challenges.

Since its inception, MiS has hosted over 60 industry speakers across a variety of events, held on campus at the University of Warwick and at WBS London at The Shard. We have developed a strong network of MiS Experts who work for a range of sectors and well-known brands such as Birdseye, L’Oréal, Virgin Holidays, Unilever and Jaguar Land Rover. MiS helps prepare students for the working world of marketing by developing their skills, building on lessons learned in the classroom and introducing them to new career paths.

Our ambition is to give attendees more varied and deeper insights into the world of marketing and the careers they may not have considered before. As a result of MiS, students have had the opportunity to take part in international competitions and have secured internships, placement roles and graduate jobs. Beyond this, students have developed invaluable skill sets and knowledge about the current hot topics in marketing.

So whether you are a current student, alumni, university staff or an external marketing practitioner, with a passion for marketing...check out our events schedule and get involved.