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Day 1 Stream A    
1. R. Rohrbeck Plenary  
A1. Minkkinen Modes of foresight in public policy planning: The case of comprehensive security in Finland  
A1. Flowers Two Scenario Planning Case Studies for Policy Thinking, Organisational Change... and Marketing  
A1. Al Mansoori Scenario Planning in the UAE Public Sector: exploring its implications (a doctoral research project)  
A2. Gattringer How to establish Collaborative Open Foresight Processes - Get it started  
A2. Neef From traditional to smart infrastructure renewal investments: An analysis of network-of-networks scenarios for infrastructure planning using Disaggregative Policy Delphi  
A2. Wiener When to collaborate in foresight activities?  
A3. Mercuri Chapuis Futurescaper leads collective innovation process  
A3. Schultz Crowdsourcing Harman's Fan  
A4. Hansen Citizen and expert-stakeholder engagements in quantitative energy scenarios  
Day 1 Stream B    
B1. Bradfield Improving the Practice of Scenario Planning: the critical role of facilitation in the scenario development process.  
B1. Tapinos Scenario Planning in practice: the relationship between selection, application, outcomes  
B2. Burt Rigidities of imagination in Scenario Planning: Strategic Foresight through 'Unlearning'  
B2. Frith Realist epistemology and the improvement of scenario planning practice  
B2. Maltby Complex thinking and reasoning: explaining a theoretical basis for scenario planning
B3. Derbyshire Use of Keynesian 'Logical Probability' for assessing uncertainty and dealing with openness and additivity in scenario planning  
B3. Wright Producing "effective" scenarios: an evaluation of enhancements to the Intuitive Logics scenario development method.  
B4. Roubelat Probing communities at work over time : Temporal perspectives for scenario planning  
B4. Tovey Shooting Stars and Exiting the EU: A Phenomenology of Duration and Range in Scenario Planning  
Day 1 Steam C    
C1. Brady An organizational decision-making model incorporating foresight, design, judgement and action judgement and action  
C1. Ketonen-Oksi Leveraging corporate foresight – A case study exploring how to advance organisational futures orientation
C1. Metz Valuation and Strategic Foresight: Investigating practices that shape the future  
C2. Abdullah Alternative Assumptions: A Call for More Inclusive Ontology  
C2. Fuller Considering the role of foresight in human flourishing and the capacity to aspire  
C2. Leseure Variance Analysis of Collective Foresight
C3. Isenmann Technology roadmapping in the TRIFOLD-project - technology transfer through customized capacity development measures in Tunisian Research Centers  
C3. Kishita Integrating Backcasting into the Roadmap Design Process for Future Manufacturing: A Japanese Case Study  
C4. Lahr Visualization as a concept in participative futures research - a review of design approaches to visualize futures workshops results  
Day 1 Stream D    
D1. Colson Quantifying Uncertainty about Future Antimicrobial Resistance: Comparing Structured Expert Judgment and Statistical Forecasting Methods  
D1. Joseph Pinpointing Pain Points: User Interface Strategies for Hybridizing Forecasting Performance  
D1. Steinmann Behavior-based scenario discovery:
Induction of decision-relevant input subspaces from nonlinear model outputs using time series clustering
D2. Gordon Revisiting Mont Fleur: Lessons for Advocacy Scenarios In A New Era of Contention  
D2. Onkal Scenarios and Forecasts: A Study on the Syrian Refugee Crisis  
D2. Kunc Developing scenarios for VUCA environments in emerging economies  
D3. Ramirez Making Scenario Planning More Cost Effective  
D3. Pyper Dynamic Capabilities under Political Uncertainty: The Oxford Scenario Planning
Approach (OSPA) Applied to an Emerging Economy
Day 2 Stream A    
2. R.Rohrbeck Plenary  
A5. Heap Participatory Energy Futures Generation and Anticipatory Regulation  
A5. Wiener What future do you want? A critical reflection on how participant selection influences an open foresight outcome  
A5. Winskel/ Kattirtzi Why experts disagree: Using the Policy Delphi method to understand diverse expert expectations and preferences on UK energy futures
A6. Carbajal-Glass The evolution of organised political violence: a foresight.  
A6. Isenmann Investigating resource saving potentials in the German non-ferrous metals industry and beyond - orchestrating Delphi survey, scenario analysis and roadmapping  
A6. You Mapping Futures Scenario of North Korea: A Combinative Scenario Mapping Approach  
A7. Loh/ Hoverstadt Accelerating scenario planning and foresight using Patterns of Strategy  
Day 2 Steam B    
B5. Gerami Tayebi Presenting scenarios for digital transformation in Iranian society and authoritative organizations for the 2023 horizon  
B5. Popper Scenarios, Models and Policy Analysis: Robust Decision Making and Scenario Discovery Applied to Security Cooperation Planning  
B5. Schlick Scenario Analysis for the large-scale Swiss telecom companies by combining dynamic and static analyses  
B6. Ahn Collecting plausible scenarios by media analysis: focusing on artificial organ cases
B6. Ladwa "Hindus in the UK; A perceived future"  
B6. Steenmans Anticipatory policy design and the changing nature of risk: a scenario-based methodology  
B7. Duff Strategy formulation as a lived experience  
B7. O'Brien Strategic conversations supported by scenario planning: coding conversation and video data  
Day 2 Stream C    
C5. Bleoju Leveraging active learning constructs of a competitive intelligence cMOOC to train foreknowledge decisional practices  
C5. Dal Borgo Leadership ethical perspectives on future outcomes: Towards a framework and diagnostic tool for organizational culture
C5. Konig / Ludescher Future Orientation of Supervisory Board  
C6. Klakurka / Irwin The nature and extent of foresight-infused strategy: Futuring the academy, a case study examination  
C6. Spaniol Intersecting Futures Studies and STS  
C6. Seles Leite Prospective Scenarios: Dynamic and Adaptive Technological Strategies for Enhancing Opportunities Generation in R&D under Uncertainty  
C7. Mietzner Strategic Foresight for SMEs in the IT sector - The development of a technology radar  
C7. Dacko Why and How Might a Firm Be More "Distant-Future Customer-Centric"?