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Research Grants

Current Grants

Integrating Demand Management and Routing Operations
£211k - Awarding Body: Innovate UK
Project Dates: June 2018 - December 2020
Lead Supervisor: Professor Juergen Branke
Academic Supervisors: Dr Vladimir Deineko, Dr Arne Strauss

Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing Hub
£10m, out of which £346k to Warwick - Awarding Body: EPSRC
Project dates: March 2017 - March 2020
Project Supervisor: Professor Juergen Branke

Previous Grants

Coordinated capacity ordering and trajectory pricing for Air Traffic Management
€534k, out of which €221k to Warwick - Awarding Body: European Commission
Project Dates: March 2016 - March 2018, extended to September 2018
Project Supervisor (Co-I): Dr Arne Strauss

Workshop on Personification & Choice Modelling for Demand Management with RestrictedData
£19k - Awarding Body: EPSRC
Project Dates: April 2017 - December 2017
Principal Investigator: Dr Arne Strauss

Network Security Games involving Search, Rendezvous or Patrolling
Awarding Body: Air Force Office of Science Research
Expires January 2017
Project Supervisor: Professor Steve Alpern

Centre for Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications
£3.8 million - Awarding Body: EPSRC
Project Dates: 26 March 2007 to 25 March 2014
Project Supervisor: Professor Bo Chen

Modelling and Solving Real-Time Multi-Agent Decision Making Problems Under Uncertainty Using Constraint Logic Programming
£415k - Awarding Body: BAE Systems Operations Ltd
Project Dates: 01 August 2008 to 31 Jan 2011
Project Supervisor: Dr Nalan Gulpinar

Strategic Lean Improvement Methodology (SLIM)
£558K - Awarding Body: EPSRC
Project Dates: 01 April 2008 to 31 September 2011
Project Supervisor: Professor Ruth Davies
Principle Investigator: Dr Zoe Radnor

£169K - Special Structures in Vehicle Routing Problems with Coventry City Council, Awarding Body: EPSRC

£198k - Developing a Participative User Tool to Aid the Conceptual Development of Simulation Models in Healthcare Awarding Body: EPSRC,

£241,052 - A National Taught Course Centre in Operational Research (NATCOR)

£157k - Automating Simulation Output Analysis (AutoSimOA): Selection of Warm-up, Replications and Run-Length

£81K - EPSRC KBS Improve: Improving Maintenance Scheduling through Knowledge Based Simulation

£80K - SimKnowledge: Simulation Based Knowledge Elicitation

£6K - EPSRC Disruption Management in Scheduling

£22k - University of Birmingham: A Study of the Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness of MRSA Screening and Monitoring on Surgical Wards Using a New Rapid Molecular Test