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Optimisation with Game Perspectives

Given a system of multiple agents (such as a transportation system of multiple users, a market of competing product portfolios), we quantify the overall system performance when the system is at an equilibrium state. Furthermore, we research into introduction of incentive-compatible mechanisms to the systems to improve system performance at equilibrium.

A related interest is in game theoretic approaches to security on networks: either patrolling networks against intrusion or searching networks for hidden devices. In these games one player is a mobile "searcher", while the other is a stationary "attacker" or "hider". More generally, there is an interest in what are known as search games.

ORMS faculty

  • Steve Alpern
  • Bo Chen

Selected publications

S. Alpern and B. Chen (2016). The importance of voting order for jury decisions made by sequential majority votes. European Journal of Operational Research. (DOI: 10.1016/j.ejor.2016.09.053)

S. Alpern and V.J. Baston (2016). The secretary problem with a selection committee: do conformist committees hire better secretaries? To appear in: Management Science.

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