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PhD Students

The Doctoral programme at Warwick Business School is one of the largest and most respected of its kind in the World. It is regularly ranked in the top-5 in Europe by the Financial Times. Go here for more details about the programme. A full list of thesis titles for all PhD students on the programme can be found here.

In the Marketing and Strategic Management group there are over 30 PhD students at various stages of their degree, supervised by MSM faculty.

PhD students supervised by MSM Faculty:

David Arnott Da Huang  

Michael Murphy  
  Wen-Hui Chen  
  Pei-yu Pai  
  Ezlika Ghazali  
Loizos Heracleous Angeliki Papachroni  
  Sebastian Kinne  
Michael Mol Maximilian Morin  
  Sirus Pussayanavin  
  Kristin Brandl  
Sotirios Paroutis Julie Davies  
Nigel Piercy  Wolfgang Bahls  
  Joseph McCabe  

Claire Collins  
Paul Stoneman Yong Li  
  Anni-Maria Pulkki
  Mo Li
  Eleonora Bartoloni  
  Qun Yang  
  Zsuzsi Pek  
Qing Wang Lara Spiteri-Cornish  
  John Dilip Raj  
  Martin Liu  
  Dilip Mutum