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Profile for Elif Karaosmanoglu

Elif Karaosmanoglu

PhD MSM Group; Supervisor: Dr. T. C. Melewar


Education Details


PhD candidate in Warwick Business School





Career Details



Elif is currently a Research Fellow in Marketing Department at the

Middlesex University Business School in London. She holds BSc in

Management Engineering from the Istanbul Technical University and MBA

from the Institute of Social Sciences, Marmara University. She is

currently studying her PhD in Warwick Business School under the

supervision of Dr. T. C. Melewar. She will join to the Management

Engineering Department, Istanbul Technical University in February 2006.

She is a full member of the Academy of Marketing Science, the Reputation

Institute and the Decision Science Institute. She is also a student

member of the International Public Relations Association.


Elif has co-authored two articles and a book chapter with Dr. T. C.

Melewar. She has also published several conference papers in the leading

conferences in the marketing area. She is currently guest-editing the

special issue on Corporate Branding, Identity and Communications for the

Journal of Brand Management with Dr. T. C. Melewar. Elif's research

interests include Corporate Identity Management, Corporate

Communications, Corporate Branding and Consumer Behaviour.



Edited Journals:


Melewar, T. C and Karaosmanoglu, E. (eds) (2006) Journal of Brand

Management, Special Issue on Corporate Branding, Identity and

Communication, Volume 13, Issue 5. (Please visit


Articles in Edited Books:


Melewar, T. C., Karaosmanoglu, E., Douglas, P. (2003). "Resolving the

Corporate Identity Conundrum: An Exploratory Study of the Concept and

Its Contribution", Communicating with Customers: Trends and

Developments, Veloutsou, C. (ed.), Athens Institute of Education and

Research (ATINER), Athens: Greece.


Sezgin, S., Uray, N., Elmadag, A. B., Karaosmanoglu, E., Basar, A. (2000

). "The Profile of Supermarket Shoppers In Terms Of Demographic,

Behavioural And Attitudinal Variables: The Example of Carrefour", The

Book Dedicated to Prof. Dr. Ayhan Toraman, Bayraktar, D. (ed.),

Istanbul: Turkey.


Refereed Articles in Academic Journals:


Melewar, T. C., Karaosmanoglu, E . (2005) Seven Dimensions of Corporate

Identity: A Categorisation from the Practitioners' Perspectives",

European Journal of Marketing, Special Issue, December, (forthcoming).


Melewar, T. C., Karaosmanoglu, E . (2005) Corporate Identity: Concept,

Components and Contribution", Journal of General Management, Vol. 31,

No. 1, pp. 59-81.


Selected Papers Published in Proceedings:


Elmadag, A. B. and Karaosmanoglu, E. (2005) "A Contingency Framework for

The Durational Component of the Service Experience: An Exploratory

Study", The 12th Biannual World Marketing Congress, July, Muenster:



Karaosmanoglu, E., Elmadag, A. B. and Melewar, T. C. (2005) "Multi-item

Scale Development for Measuring Corporate Identity Mix (CIM) Elements",

The 8th International Conference of Decision Science Institute, July,

Barcelona: Spain.


Karaosmanoglu, E. and Melewar, T. C. (2005) Controlled Communication

versus Uncontrolled Communication in Corporate Image Formation:

Verifying the Conceptual Framework", Published in the proceedings of the

9th International Conference on Reputation Risk: The Role of Corporate

Accountability and Responsibility, May, Madrid: Spain.


Karaosmanoglu, E., Sezgin, S. Uray, N. (2004). "The Role of Market

Actors in Turkey with Respect to Consideration for Sustainable

Environment", Presented at the Marketing and Public Policy Conference,

Salt Lake: UT, USA.


Karaosmanoglu, E., Melewar, T. C. (2003). "The Role of Corporate

Communication at the Corporate Identity/Corporate Image Interface: A

Communication Framework and Research Agenda", Presented at the 32nd

European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), Glasgow: UK.