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MSISDI Term 3 Electives

MSISDI students have two routes available to them in term 3;

Route 1

Route 2

2 x elective modules
Business in Practice (BIP)
1 x Research Methods module

For students undertaking route 2 , you will automatically be added to the Research Methods module. You will have no other modules to choose from and you do not need to submit an elective form.

For those who opted to take route 1, the Business in Practice (BIP) module, students can select 2 of the following modules. One must be in weeks 4 & 5, and the second must be in weeks 6 & 7. You cannot select two modules within the same two week period.

Click the links to view the videos for information on the electives:

Weeks 4 & 5 (13 -24 May)
Weeks 6 & 7 (27 May - 7 Jun)

IB9140 Business, International Finance and EconomicsLink opens in a new window

IB98G0 Driving Innovation and Entrepreneurship through Marketing and StrategyLink opens in a new window

IB92E0 Entrepreneurship and Business VenturingLink opens in a new window

IB9LK0 International BusinessLink opens in a new window

IB91U0 Governance, Corporate Responsibility and Ethical BusinessLink opens in a new window

IB9CVB Leading for InnovationLink opens in a new window


IB92A0 People and OrganisationsLink opens in a new window


IB9EA0 Strategic Human Resource ManagementLink opens in a new window

In addition to these videos you can review each module in the university Module Catalogue. To search for a module, enter the module code but remove the final character (e.g. for IB9MS0 enter IB9MS). The catalogue entry will show the module aims, objectives, and assessment methods. Please note the method of delivery of 'study time' can vary dependent on the term in which a module is offered. All term 3 modules will be run over a 2-week period.

Elective Selection process

The elective selection process will close at 12noon on Wednesday 28th February 2023 and no further changes will be accepted after that time. While the form is open you can make changes. However, any resubmission will overwrite previous submissions.

All students must rank a minimum of two modules in weeks 4 & 5, and a minimum of two modules in weeks 6 & 7. You are asked to rank your preferences on the form in case we are not able to grant you a place on your preferred options.

If demand exceeds spaces available on a module, students will be allocated at random (i.e. not on a first come first served basis) to fill the number of places available.

Please ensure you have fully reviewed the information available before making your selection to ensure you have fully understood the process.

Once the selections have been finalised you will be registered to the confirmed elective and will be able to access the module area on my.wbs