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Our Covid-19 Emergency Support Appeal

Can you help Warwick students during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Since Covid-19 hit, the world couldn’t look more different. At Warwick we are doing our part to fight Covid-19Link opens in a new window. In these unprecedented times we urgently need you to join us.

Our students remain at the heart of everything we do at Warwick

1 in 4 students at Warwick are from low-income backgrounds. These students are facing exceptionally challenging circumstances during the pandemic. To support them, Warwick is launching a COVID-19 emergency support appeal. Your donations will help students who, for whatever reason, do not have family or financial support. This includes:

  • School leavers who feel torn between working to support their family or starting University. With many more families experiencing hardship due to the pandemic, we want to increase our provision of scholarships and ensure as many students as possible can continue their education.
  • Medical students on the frontline of the NHS. These students have currently suspended their studies to enable them to make a contribution to this vital work. This means that many students will face an intense period of catch-up with academic work and will inevitably face financial hardship as the part-time work so many of our students use to subsidise their income will not be possible. (You can see some of our staff and students in the photo above.)
  • Current students at Warwick without a financial safety net. These may be students who are unable to access a laptop to complete assessments, or who are struggling with living costs due to being in privately rented accommodation.

Could you make a gift today to support students through this time of crisis?

It will make a world of difference for current and future students to know that you are willing to support them during this difficult time. With your support we can direct funds where they are most needed. Your donation can help provide a financial safety net for current students. It can also provide more scholarships for students joining Warwick in the autumn.

Please help and donate today

Our appeal closes on Thursday 18th June - the day that students have to make their choices through UCAS. This means we can plan for the additional funding support available, ready to advise the young people around the country and here at Warwick. Please donate today and help us support students when they need it most.

Could you consider a larger gift?

If you are considering making a gift of more than £10,000, please contact Sam Burdock, our Leadership and Regular Giving Manager.

Pictured at top of page: L to R, Casie Sweeney, Professor Kiran Patel, Chief Medical Officer at UHCW, Jodie Taylor, Adeola Salau, Jonny Kaberry and Mariam Pereira. See the article about their work.Link opens in a new window