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EUTOPIA Student Council

What is the EUTOPIA Student Council?

The EUTOPIA student council is a governing body of the EUTOPIA alliance. It consists of 30 students, three from each university, who discuss current projects and how they can be shaped to suit the needs of students from every university, background and degree. EUTOPIA is, at its core, the creation of a European University; the student voice is vital to its success and continued development.

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How are Warwick students contributing?

The Student Council brings student voices and perspectives to the management and governance of EUTOPIA and promotes their interests in this cross-university collaboration. Three Warwick students with a range of degree levels (Bachelors, Masters, PhD) share their perspectives of Student Council place during Eutopia Week at Nova University, Lisbon: Helena Rowlands Paolo Chiesa Caitlyn Scott

Skills and challenge

Paolo: EUTOPIA is giving me the chance to interact and learn from other students and scholars of different cultures. I have gained precious skills in debating and compromising.

Helena: I did not take a year abroad, but through EUTOPIA I have been introduced to a range of perspectives from across the participating universities and gained insights into the experiences of being a student at an international university.

Caitlyn: The interdisciplinary and international values and approaches that are central to Warwick university ultimately inspired me to join the EUTOPIA student council. Joining EUTOPIA is broadening my understandings of global systems, countries and cultures and there iare international conferences taking place every 6 months in a different alliance member’s country. If this hasn’t convinced you, you will observe real change happening in real time.

Joining the EUTOPIA alliance

Caitlyn: I became aware of EUTOPIA when the academic I was a research assistant for mentioned a European student project. Without this prompt I would not have known about this incredible opportunity. I’d highly recommend that students just apply to any opportunities that arrive in your inbox!

Helena: I joined the EUTOPIA student council for three reasons. Firstly, my studies have shown me the benefits to European and broader international cooperation, as well as cross-university collaborative research. Secondly, as a research assistant in PAIS on the cross-university FRAMENET project, I have seen the benefits to inter-university collaboration among academics and students, so I was inspired to promote further collaborations. Thirdly, I strongly believe in the UK’s integration with the European continent - having lived both in the UK and in France - and in particular student mobility.

International networks

Paolo: I represent the student body of Warwick and this responsibility is benefiting my development. The skills I gain from being on an international student council are undoubtedly transferrable for my choice of career in diplomacy, as I am observing how international institutions develop and operate.

Helena: I am using the collaborative skills learnt from networking with EUTOPIA council members from different cultures and perspectives and with a range of management skills. I hope to use the negotiating and promotional skills I’ve learnt to promote students’ interests in the EUTOPIA sphere.

Caitlyn: The student council is finding solutions for complicated situations that are entangled by language barriers and cultural and contextual differences. This experience of problem-solving in a highly complex environment will prepare me for my future career. Finding common ground with individuals from different social, cultural and economic backgrounds is something that I am proud of.

Paolo: "Collaborating with colleagues that have different cultures and perspectives will really benefit my employability in any future career due to the internationalisation of most industries nowadays. As a student representative I have to constantly think about the interests of a large cohort of people in every aspect of my decision-making."

Helena: "For those who have not completed a year abroad, I would say that the student programs offer a valuable alternative. In particular, I would encourage them to engage with the EUTOPIA student career ambassadors to explore options for working abroad, and the EURSS undergraduate research support scheme."

Caitlyn: "Being part of the council has pushed me outside of my comfort zone and I have engaged in conversations that I never dreamed I’d ever have! Having these one-on-one discussions is incredibly valuable as it is not everyday you sit next to the former political advisor to the Swedish ambassador to Brussels at dinner!"

EUTOPIA Student Programmes

We caught up with Christopher Loo during EUTOPIA Week at Nova University, Lisbon. As an out-going member of the EUTOPIA Student Council he describes his experience of embedding the student voice in EUTOPIA decision-making and the opportunities for students.

If you want to get involved in the wide array of programmes by and for students discover more on the EUTOPIA student web pages.

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