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EUTOPIA Co-tutelle Opportunities

The EUTOPIA’s PhD Co-tutelle Programme offers joint PhDs, of three to four years, at contributing EUTOPIA universities. The programme promotes high-quality research projects with global impact and provides exciting research opportunities for PhD candidates. Since 2018, almost 20 scholars have taken advantage of joining this doctoral study programme.

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How does this work?

The joint programme runs between two world-class research universities and offers access to common training and academic exchange activities. We asked scholars who had taken part of the Co-tutelle at Warwick to provide an insight into their experience.

Broadening and Deepening Learning

Eva-Rosa Ferrand Verdejo, Postgraduate (Research) Film & Television Studies, CY Cergy Paris University and University of Warwick, found that not only did the programme offer the possibility of belonging to two different “fields” (Hispanic studies in France and Film and TV studies in the UK), but it offered access to the resources of two different universities. Through her Co-tutelle programme Eva-Rose will receive a double diploma from two different universities and, in her case, from two different departments.

The Rewards of Taking on the Co-tutelle Challenge

Mara Anselmo-Santana, Postgraduate (Research) Film & Television Studies CY Cergy Paris University/ University of Warwick found that two supervisors, who not only have different areas of expertise but who also work differently, both wonderful and challenging. She found it particularly interesting to have different insights to consider and resources to access. Being immersed in an even more international environment than a single university, broadened her horizons and started honing her professional and personal skills.

International Networks

Laura Vansina, Postgraduate (Research) FT, Politics & International Studies, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)/ University of Warwick found the Co-tutelle program allowed her to combine ’the best of both worlds’. Pursuing a PhD at both the University of Warwick and VUB let her discover the Anglosaxon and continental traditions of academia. During her journey, she would immerse herself in the most valuable pieces of both traditions and broadened her network with peers from all around the globe.

“Be prepared for a Co-tutelle PhD. It is both Interesting and challenging at the same time. Working with two universities means that you will have two sets of advice and suggestions and you need to share your progress with both universities. But if you are organised, and enjoy collaborative working, the programme opportunities are far greater than normal PhDs”. - Khoa Bui (Postgraduate Research Student at WMG)

Programme Details

The core mission of EUTOPIA is to promote a connected and inclusive academic community, addressing global and local challenges, advancing excellence, inclusion, impact and innovation and this programme supports high-quality PhD projects in all research areas.

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