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Women in Science

The future of women in STEM is bright but not secure

In 2021, the University of Warwick awarded five British Council scholarships for women in STEM to talented young climate scientists from South Asia. These scientists are part of a new generation of scholars who are beginning to break-down the barriers that women of colour face in science.

We asked the scientists, from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, to share their experiences and reflections of their aspiring to a career in science on the International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2022.

The British Council scholarships for women in STEM enable female scientists from to undertake postgraduate study at Warwick, with funding covering full tuition fees, travel costs, a monthly stipend, and other course-related costs. Applications are currently open for five scholarships available to female students from Brazil and Mexico. Click here for more information.Link opens in a new window



Maria Rehman

The future of women in STEM may be bright but it is not secure. We need to provide women with the freedom and flexibility they need to tackle all their roles, and showcase their true potential. The world will be amazed at what women can achieve!

Manpreet Saini

As a woman in STEM, I am aware of the trials and tribulations that a modern woman is subjected to when she decides on pursuing a science degree. There is a dire need for mentorship programs targeted towards increasing women's representation in STEM.



Mst Atikunnaher

Being a mother, wife, and Muslim woman, I would say my journey towards science and innovations hasn’t been smooth. My skills and experience make me mentally strong and economically empowered. You have every capability and possibility, just believe in yourself.

Udvashita Chakraborty

Since my childhood, I have always looked up and being inspired by the journey of Women in Science, like the noble laureate Marie Curie. The ratio of women scientists compared to men is insignificant and the scholarship I was awarded is designed to encourage the engagement of women in science.