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Meditation taster session

Join us at our next Warwick Network 365 session to get a taster of meditation. Learn how to relax deeply, how to develop and maintain feelings of calm and how to increase your energy levels. Whether you'd like to see if it helps with physical ailments, need to de-stress, or simply want to find a space to switch off for a while, come along and give it a try.

About Activated QI meditations

Activated QI meditations are designed to be an enjoyable way to help people promote their health and well-being. As the human body evolved it included systems responsible for getting the body to relax so that it can repair itself. There is now evidence that overlooking the relaxation systems creates instability in the way the body functions. Meditation activates and strengthens these natural systems, and as we all have these systems anyone can gain from the benefits of meditation.

About the session leader

The session will be led by Peter Keynton-Hook. Peter says:

Forty years ago I began meditating as a balance for my sport. During my years of travelling I was fortunate to meet and study with meditation teachers from different traditions. Over the years I have continued to explore and enjoy a variety of meditation traditions. As a primary school teacher I first taught meditation in schools during the 1980s. Since the 1990s I have focused on the Chinese approach to meditation due to the way it actively benefits our health and well-being.

Peter runs a regular relaxation and meditation class on campus, on Mondays from 12.30pm at Warwick Business School. For more information contact Peter at activatedqi at gmail dot com or leave a message on 07730 455595.



Friday 25 September 2015


Location to be confirmed