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Catherine Eaton-Brown: Sports Engagement Assistant & Resident Tutor Rootes

Name: Catherine Eaton-Brown

Job Title: Sports Engagement Assistant & Resident Tutor Rootes

Department: Warwick Sport & Residential Life Team (RLT)

Can you tell us a little bit about your role?

In my day job I work within Warwick Sport to encourage as many students and staff to get active through a whole range of different activities on campus. My other role within the University is as a Resident Tutor in Rootes Residence - in this role I support students by looking out for their welfare throughout the year.

And what's your involvement at Arrivals Weekend?

I am there to welcome students into their new home and ensure everyone settles into their new community.

What's the best bit about being involved in the weekend?

Watching the students meet their new flatmates and start building friendships.

Are there any challenges?

Learning the names of all the students in my block.

Not many people know this about Arrivals Weekend but ...

We’re just as nervous as they are!

Catherine Eaton Brown