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New work area computers

Photo of new work area computers

Over the summer vacation IT Services have replaced every single work area computer on campus with a new, faster machine. Over 450 machines have been installed in the 15 different work areas, all with advanced components and an eco-friendly setup to help reduce campus carbon emissions.

The new computers are very fast with an average login time of under 10 seconds, and solid state hard disks and Intel i7 processors for quick loading and processing. They all come with a 23 inch screen supporting a 1920 x 1080 resolution.

As well as the new computers, we've also refurbished the work areas themselves. We've given the carpets in all areas a deep clean, re-painted areas that needed it, and replaced the furniture in some locations.

For more information on the new work areas, see

Booking (staff only)

You can now book work areas through the central timetabling system.

For details of the room names and locations, see the ITS work areas pages. If you need specific software installed on the computers for a session, please contact the ITS Help Desk at well in advance of the date you want to use the room.