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Warwick on iTunes U content schedule

For Launch

Business and Economics
Political Economy of the Subprime Crisis
Networks and Communities of Practice

Shakespeares Bones
Slow Poetry
Writing Challenges
Writers at Warwick

Engineering and Technology

Drinking Matters
Early American Social History
Georgian Britain
British Parliamentary Politics
African Athena
Islamic Medicine

Introduction to Anatomy (tbc)

Mathematics and Science
Chemistry Shorts
Maths Challenges
A Short History of Symmetry
Chemistry Introductions

Perspectives on the War on Terror
Politics and Policy
French Politics and Institutions
Law public Lectures

News and Events
Ideas Cafe
Amazonian Statue
New NMR Lab
Banco Santander

VC Introduction
Richard Lambert, Chancellor, Interview

Warwick Shootout

Next Quarter - Jan - Mar 09

Lorca -a series of talks and workshops on the plays of Lorca
Memory - proceedings of the symposium to mark the launch of the new Memory Studies research centre
Paul Robeson - a series of programmes and research materials marking the visit of Paul Robeson to the UK in the 1950s
Chemistry Themes - programmes examining some key research themes in chemistry
Goethe - An exploration of the poems of Goethe
Clean Energy - hybrid vehicles, green tech and other technology and policy issues
Warwick Commission into Global Financial Regulation
Warwick Prize for Writing