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COP26 - reflection from Dr Lory Barile

Dr Lory Barile, Associate Professor in the Department of Economics, comments on what she has learned as one of the University of Warwick delegates to the COP26 conference:-

"The world needs more “green” optimism. Framing transition to a more sustainable world in a positive way can really make a difference. COP26 showcases the power of telling positive stories about climate change and the impact this may have on individuals’ behaviour and local communities.

"As behavioural finance teaches us, people tend to avoid negative or dangerous information. Like ostriches, we 'bury our heads in the sand’. Negative feelings and pessimism paralyse the world. However, hopefulness and confidence about our future world and positiveness about the green revolution may be strong incentives for us to become agents of change."

9 November 2021


Sheila Kiggins

Media Relations Manager

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