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UCAS Update on deferred entry to 2006

Exemption from Variable Fee Regime for 2005 Applicants Applying for Deferred Entry in 2006

The following statement has been issued by UCAS in relation to students who wish to defer their entry from 2005 until 2006:

“2005 UCAS applicants in receipt of an offer(s) of a deferred entry place for 2006 by 1 August 2005, will qualify for the ‘gap year’ exemption from variable fees. This means that such applicants will, on entry to their course in 2006, be treated as if they were a September 2005 entrant for fees and other financial support purposes.

The offer can be conditional or unconditional and, although most students are expected to receive their offers through UCAS, the offer can be evidenced through either a UCAS or an institution letter.

If you find yourself without a place after examination results are published you may seek a deferred entry place in Clearing and still qualify for the ‘gap year’ exemption provided that you can produce evidence that you originally received an offer of a deferred entry place for 2006 by 1 August 2005.

The effect of this is that applicants who receive an offer for deferred entry on or before 1 August 2005 will qualify for the exemption even if they do not actually accept or take up that place. For example an applicant that received an offer or offers (whether conditional or unconditional) and declined those offers or was unsuccessful in obtaining confirmation of the offer(s) following publication of examination results would still qualify for the exemption if gaining a place through Clearing.”

The University would encourage all students to make their decision on deferred entry prior to 1 Aug 05.