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All Together Now: British Theatre after multiculturalism

Podcasts of a British Theatre Conference event at the Warwick Arts Centre are now available online at the University website and iTunes U.

More than 100 delegates from across the world attended "All Together Now" to discuss issues surrounding British theatre and multiculturalism.

This two-day conference debated theatre’s relationship with the community, identity politics, the emergent nationalisms of Scotland and Wales, multiculturalism and our national history, in light of the Labour government charging the arts with challenging social exclusion, celebrating diversity and reasserting Britishness.

Debates at the conference questioned the contradiction between diversity and national identity, as well as the role of theatre to foster cohesion or challenge it. Other issues included the idea of theatre promoting multiculturalism if it is "dead" and whether theatre's role is to encourage tolerance or provoke outrage.

Available podcasts include discussions of "A National Narrative" with Michael Boyd, artistic director of the RSC and "Offending the Audience" with David Aaronovitch and Stewart Lee.

Other recordings include panels on "Access Schmacess" with Barbara Matthews of the Arts Council of England, and "A National Theatre" with Richard Eyre and Vicky Featherstone.

This conference was produced in partnerhsip with the British Theatre Consortium with support from the University of Warwick and Royal Hollaway.