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Digital Laboratory Nominated for Coventry Design Awards

digital_2.pngThe University’s International Digital Laboratory has been nominated for the Coventry Design Awards 2009.

The Coventry Design Awards are held every two years to recognise design excellence in the city. The awards are run by Coventry City Council and give local people the opportunity to nominate examples of good design that they think make a significant contribution to the image and quality of the city.

The University of Warwick International Digital Laboratory was opened by Prime Minister Gordon Brown on 25 July 2008. The Digital Lab is a new £50 Million state-of-the-art capability designed to facilitate major collaborative research opportunities, create effective knowledge transfer between academia and industry and generate new knowledge and skills with an impact on business, society and the economy.

The building is packed with environmentally-friendly features. The roof is covered in sedum that glows red and green and helps to insulate the building both against the summer heat and the winter cold. It also aids water run-off protecting the roof underneath. It uses mainly natural light via large rooflights on the north side that allow in lots of indirect, soft light. It is also an 'intelligent' building so windows (there is no air conditioning) open automatically if it gets too hot and close when it’s cold and at night and lights only work where there are people working.

There are 13 new buildings to choose from:

  • digital_1.png

    Find out more information about the International Digital Laboratory here.

    Fill out the online voting form to show your support for the Digital Laboratory. Voting will close after Sunday 1 November.

    The results will be announced at an awards ceremony in December 2009 and will also be published in the Coventry Telegraph who will cover the awards throughout their duration. Information on the awards will also be available on the Coventry City Council website.

    Find out more

    Visit the Design Awards website to place your vote for the Digital Laboratory.