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IGGY U Warwick 2009

The International Gateway for Gifted Youth (IGGY) will hold the first of this year’s IGGY U programmes at the University from Monday 27 July.

Around 130 of the brightest and most creative young people from 15 countries around the globe will come together at the two-week event to explore their favourite subjects in depth with access to high quality teaching and equipment.

Their two weeks will comprise a challenging mixture of workshops, lectures, field trips and group work. Students will work together on a series of projects which are intellectually challenging, internationally focused and which introduce them to concepts and approaches that are used by undergraduates and sometimes even postgraduates at university.

The event will provide an excellent opportunity for IGGY U students to socialise with each other and get a real taste of university life. They will also be able to capture and demonstrate their personal contribution and at the end of the two weeks will receive a certificate and a report on their achievements.

There will be five courses at this year’s event, run by university academics. Nick Barker and Professor George Rowlands will lead Chemistry, Physics and Saving the World, which will enable students to spend time carrying out practical tasks in laboratories and learn new scientific concepts in the classroom.

Professor Roger Mumby-Croft will lead Enterprise: Global Young Entrepreneurs, which will aim to stimulate young people to become future entrepreneurs.

The World of Mathematics: Through the Eyes of an Ant will be led by Dr David Wood and will introduce students to advanced concepts in mathematics and how these can be used to model solutions to real world problems.

Medical Sciences, led by Dr Philip McTernan will enable students to develop an understanding of, and an ability to evaluate, the molecular biology basis and potential treatment rationale for a number of associated diseases with regard to obesity.

Finally, Performance and Myth, led by Jonathan Heron, will build upon participants’ existing skills and interests, helping them to develop performance skills and explore the recycling of myth.

IGGY will also hold the second of this year’s summer camps at the University from 10 August.

There will be three courses available at IGGY U Warwick 2, again led by Warwick academics. Peter Blegvad will lead the Creative Writing and Comparative Culture course, to further the development of writing in poetry, prose fiction and non-fiction.

Dr Philip McTernan will run the Medical Sciences course for a second time. Stuart Price will lead the Mathematics in the Information Age course, which will investigate the mathematics of speed, accuracy and security on the internet.

For further information on IGGY U, visit the website.