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Jaguar Land Rover in 100 million new partnership with WMG

Staff and students will be interested in the recent report in the Financial Times  that Jaguar Land Rover is to relocate its 170-person advanced research group to WMG  at  the University of Warwick as “part of a strategy to raise vehicle production from fewer than 100,000 to 300,000 a year”.

The paper says JLR are “ inspired by the "German model" of collaboration with academe, and plan to spend more than £100m on collaborative research at Warwick in the next few years.” And that

“JLR and WMG researchers will work on developments such as electronic control systems, including collision prevention using GPS, and lightweight materials.”

The Financial Times  also quotes WMG Director Professor Lord  Bhattacharyya as saying: "Our approach is to combine academic excellence with industrial relevance. Warwick will have a symbiotic relationship with a company that has state of the art manufacturing and that is a big contributor to UK output."

For the full story Financial Times story on this significant new development in the partnership between WMG and  Jaguar Land Rover visit