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Mead Gallery Summer Exhibitions 2010

The Mead Gallery in the Arts Centre will play host to a range of exhibitions over the summer months, including JAGUAR, by Portuguese artist Miguel Palma, and Destination, featuring works from the University Collection. You can join them for the opening night on Friday 30 April from 6.30pm in the Mead Gallery.

Miguel Palma - Jaguar, 2009Jaguar

Miguel Palma

1 – 29 May

Miguel Palma is a leading Portuguese artist who is fascinated by technology, especially cars, and the way that it affects our lives. He has found a 1963 Jaguar Mark X car in Lisbon with its plate Jaguar Cars Ltd, Coventry, England. Intrigued by the history of this car, Palma is tracing its original journey from Coventry to a dealership in Paris and then to the owner of one of the most famous chocolate factories in France.

The exhibition will include Palma’s drawings about cars and technology and archive material from the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Centre in Browns Lane, Coventry, as well as film of the Jaguar’s journey home to Coventry – the ultimate road movie!

Miguel Palma is recognised as one of the most significant artists living in Portugal today and has played a key role in the developing profile of contemporary Portuguese art. He has had a number of substantial exhibitions both in Western Europe and in the US and a major monograph was published about his work in 2005.

His work is represented in the main public collections in Portugal and he has been invited to participate in the “warm up residencies” in New York in 2010 which will lead into the Harlem Biennial of 2011.

This exhibition is supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Mary Fedden - Cappadocian (Blue)Destination

Works from the University Art Collection

1 - 29 May

This is a unique opportunity to see University of Warwick Art Collection works, new and old, displayed together for the first time in a temporary exhibition that shows how artists have explored landscape and ideas about place. Journeys we make end in destinations. Ways of describing and recognising these are represented in the artists in this exhibition.

It covers a wide range of styles including figurative, abstract and conceptual, there's something for everyone. Artists include Mary Fedden, Hamish Fulton, Fay Godwin, Richard Long, Marcel Mouly, Anne Redpath and George Shaw.

The University of Warwick Art Collection comprises over 800 paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures and ceramics.

The whole University of Warwick Art Collection is available to view online with commentaries.

Traverse Me - Jeremy WoodTraverse Me

Jeremy Wood

29 May - 3 July

Like Hamish Fulton and Richard Long, Jeremy Wood makes works of art that are about walks. He uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to create drawings across landscapes.

The Mead Gallery has commissioned him to make a map, drawn by walks across campus, that invites the viewer to see a different landscape to that which surrounds them. It questions the possibilities of where they are and inspires a personal reading of their movements and explorations of the campus.

Found Heart Balloon - Lorsen Camps, 2009Journeys into the Disregarded

Lorsen Camps

29 May - 3 July

Journeys into the Disregarded will highlight the beauty found in the normalcy of life. Coventry artist Lorsen Camps will be inviting artists, students and the general public to make short journeys from the University of Warwick campus discovering precious details of our surroundings that often go unnoticed. Photographs will be taken, poems and prose written, found objects gathered.

The resulting work will be exhibited on campus in the Coventry Centre for Contemporary Art, one of Bob and Roberta Smith’s gallery structures which made its first appearance at the Mead Gallery in 2009.

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