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Warwick Business School Sets Up First Global E-Auction For MBA Students

Originally Published 08 October 2001

As part of the newly developed e-business module of their Distance Learning MBA (DLMBA), Warwick Business School, one of the world?s leading business schools, together with SynerDeal, a leading European e-purchasing provider, conducted a live e-auction on June 11 this year.

Ram Venuprasad, researcher and instigator of this project at Warwick Business School said, "This event is designed to prepare tomorrow's global business leaders by implementing e-business education using real life tools in real time over the Internet, connecting students from all over the globe."

The auction was conducted from the MBA Teaching Centre at Warwick Business School and the entire DLMBA e-business class participated.

Internet auctions are used by major companies to manage international buying processes. The process is known as "reverse auction"  where suppliers place bids in real time over the internet to supply goods or services.

Matt Joutsikoski, Business Development Director of SynerDeal added, "Effective implementation of e-purchasing delivers significant bottom-line benefits to companies. It is important that MBA students have access to leading e-purchasing methods and tools to ensure they are well prepared to manage the inevitable impact e-business will have on all organisations."

For further information contact:

Vin Hammersley, Communications Director

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