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New Corporate Identity Unveiled

Originally published 4 March 2002

The University’s new corporate identity will be implemented from 1 March 2002. Following a university-wide consultation exercise before Christmas, the proposals have been revised and the final corporate identity guidelines are now available as a printed manual and on the University web site.

Phased Implementation
In order to manage the complexity of implementation and to minimise unnecessary costs the new corporate identity will be phased in over a period of six months from 1 March – 1 October 2002.

Use of IT
An effective use of IT will make implementation of the new corporate identity more accurate, efficient and cost-effective. A corporate identity web site accessible from insite, the University’s intranet, will include the following:

  • On-line version of the corporate identity manual which, with regular updates, will become more comprehensive than the printed version
  • Templates of stationery, logos and presentation materials which can be downloaded directly onto PCs
  • Online stationery orders to WarwickPrint

The web site is available at

Departmental Responsibilities
From 1 March 2002, all departments can begin to apply the new logo to stationery, print and signage in accordance with the guidelines in the corporate identity manual. In order to minimise the cost of implementation departments are encouraged to continue to run down existing stocks up to 1 October 2002.

The Vice-Chancellor has written to all Heads and Chairs of departments asking them to take steps within their own areas to ensure that the new corporate identity is in place across the University by the start of the Autumn term. Professor David VandeLinde described the new corporate identity as "an essential development" for Warwick. He added "These changes are an important step towards bringing our image in line with our reputation. I would like to thank everyone who has made a contribution to this process, your help has been invaluable. By developing these proposals in-house and by involving staff from across the University, I believe that Warwick has avoided many of the pitfalls experienced by other institutions."

Get Ready for the Launch!

The format of stationery has been standardised across the whole university for both central departments and for "sub-brands". Examples of both and precise requirements are featured in the corporate identity manual. The new stationery designs should bring about the following benefits:

  • Higher quality and more professional image
  • Reduce the cost of design for individual letterheads
  • Remove the need for some individual departments to print their own stationery (by using pre-printed letterhead with contact details inserted automatically by a template on the PC)
  • WarwickPrint will charge only the standard printing cost for new stationery. Its usual design fee will be waived for departments placing orders via the web by 1 May 2002.

The new logo and corporate identity must be used on all print by 1 October 2002. This includes everything from prospectuses and recruitment literature to forms and reports. After this date the previous logo should not be used and the crest should never appear adjacent to either the new logo or the words "The University of Warwick". The corporate identity manual will be accessible on line to be viewed by external designers and third parties and can also be supplied on CD-ROM.

Web Pages:
All centrally administered web pages targeted at the University’s external audience will take on the new corporate identity from 1 March 2002. Although departments are encouraged to use this new house style on all new web pages it won’t become compulsory until the introduction of a system of web architecture as part of the e-strategy in the early part of 2003.