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Education Success

Originally Published 23 September 2002

Staff in the Institute of Education are celebrating the University's best ever clutch of OFSTED results. The Institute experienced six separate initial teacher training inspections in 2001 - 2002. Each inspected course was inspected on five criteria, covering quality of training in the University and its partner schools, quality of assessment and different aspects of students' teaching. Four secondary PGCE courses - History, English and Drama, Religious Education and Economics - scored perfect grade 1s ["very good with outstanding features"] on all criteria, while secondary Science scored a mixture of grade 1s and 2s and primary Mathematics a set of grade 2s. The reports note that "training in the University exemplified very high quality", and made particular mention of the "shared purpose" found in University and schools: "training in schools complements and reinforces University training very effectively". History received its perfect grades in only its second year of operation at Warwick.

Professor Chris Husbands, Director of the Institute of Education, said "These are outstanding results for any University department. The grades put Warwick into the front rank of initial teacher training providers. They have been achieved through dedicated team work and exemplary commitment in the University, but also through the increasingly close relationship we have built with our partners in schools."