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Warwick Spin-Off Company Secures Funding Through Connect Midlands

Originally published 2 June 2003

A Warwick University spin-off company has successfully secured funding for their digital imaging invention thanks to a program designed to bring technology companies and the investment community closer together.

Dig-ePrint, a spin-off from the School of Engineering, secured the investment after attending a Connect Midlands Springboard event. The events are an opportunity for early-stage companies to showcase their business to investors.

Dig-ePrint is developing a new high output-quality system to expose digital images onto standard photographic paper that will be substantially cheaper than current systems. The company arose as a joint venture between IGI plc, and the University of Warwick.

Dig-ePrint Managing Director, Mr Trevor Elworthy, said, "It was only after Connect gave us the opportunity to present at Connect Springboard that we were approached by investors with interest in our business. I am happy to say that as a result of the conference we have now secured the funding we were seeking, which will enable us to make our product a success."

Connect Midlands is a program based across the East and West Midlands that acts as a facilitator and networking vehicle bringing together emerging technology businesses with the resources they need to succeed. The program is managed by Warwick Ventures, a department of the University Warwick tasked with building on the research successes of the University.

For more information about Connect Midlands events visit their website.

More information about Dig-ePrint can be found on the Warwick Ventures website.