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£600,000 Funding Award for Centre for the History of Medicine

Originally published 23 June 2003

The Centre for the History of Medicine, based at Warwick’s History Department, has won a £600,000 funding award from the Wellcome Trust for a five-year programme on the 'Cultures and Practices of Health.'

The Award will enable the Centre to develop new projects and expand its existing activities.

One major research programme will highlight ‘The Health of Workers in the Twentieth Century’ and will draw on the resources of the Modern Records Centre at Warwick. Another on ‘The Practice of Medicine in Early Modern Europe’ will focus on the relationship between medical personnel and illicit or informal medicine from 1500 to 1800. Other research initiatives will focus on the history of psychiatry, medicine and multiculturalism, mass observation and health, and spa treatment.

The projects will provide opportunities to develop inter-disciplinary links and form research associations with other centres for the history of medicine in Britain and overseas.

Core staff involved in the project are Dr Hilary Marland (Director and Principal Applicant), Professor Colin Jones, Dr David Hardiman, Dr Sarah Hodges, Dr Claudia Stein and Dr Mathew Thomson at Warwick, together with joint applicant Dr David Gentilcore of the History Department of the University of Leicester.

More information will be posted shortly on the website of the Centre for the History of Medicine, together with details of other activities: