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insite Home - Why has it Changed Again?

Originally published 11 July 2003

Why has the homepage changed again?

The latest insite homepage has gone live today. It is a modified version of the insite homepage that went live on Monday 23 June. We have listened carefully to the comments that came in after the first new version went live and have tried to address the most common issues.

  • The new insite home has more white space.
  • It is less 'busy' than the previous version.
  • We have reduced the amount of information on the page.
  • We have added tabs for the Staff and Student pages to make navigation more user-friendly.
  • We have reverted to a three-column format.

We publicised the fact that we were going to modify the homepage on insite itself and have been inviting you to comment further this week. The response to the planned changes was positive so we implemented the changes this morning.

Why did the homepage have to change in the first place?

We are constantly striving to make it easier for you to find the information that you need. We wanted insite to continue to act as a doorway into useful content on academic and administrative sites and as a provider of news, information and discussion opportunity in its own right.

The decision to change the homepage was made in line with the plan to put all of insite into Sitebuilder. Putting insite into Sitebuilder means that we are able to introduce a cohesive look and feel to the University's webpages.

How do I get to the external homepage?

you look at from home you will see the external web site because you are not using a computer on campus. To see the external homepage from on campus click on the Warwick logo in the top left-hand corner of the insite homepage.

Who do I contact for help with accessing My.Insite and my email and files?

If you need help with logging into my.insite or are having problems accessing your email or your files, speak to the IT Services Helpdesk on 73737, or email them at

Who do I contact to get a change made to insite?

Editorial control for any change to insite remains with the Communications Office who reserve the right to accept or refuse requests as necessary to maintain the site in a coherent and usable manner.

Although we endeavour to ensure that insite is as up to date and accurate as possible, some changes may be required. If you do require a change to insite, please collect the following information about the change that you want and email it to At least one weeks notice is required.

For a change to a link: specify the address of the web page that the link appears on and the URL for the link.

For the addition of a link: specify the address of the web page that you want the link to appear on, the location for the link on that page, the URL for the link and the text for the link.

For an advert banner on the home page: specify the text for the advert (three or four words), date you want the advert to go up, date you want the advert to be removed, and the web address of the page that you would like the banner to link to. Adverts on the insite homepage are internally focussed.

How do I make a comment on insite?

If you have any feedback or comments on insite please email them to either or to

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