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NAGTY @ Warwick 2003 - The Student Experience

Originally published 11 August 2003
NAGTY @ Warwick is a three week summer school, run in conjunction with the National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth. Running from 21 July to 8 August, the summer school gives Gifted and Talented students the opportunity to study in a University environment, specialising in a chosen academic area.

Students at the NAGTY @ Warwick 2003 Summer School have been speaking about their experiences of this years event:
"The opportunity to experience a different
way of life, meet different people of the same academic interests, and learn
some interesting maths, while partaking in exciting activities and events,
was one I could not turn down."
Ademola Adebiyi (16), NAGTY student ( more)

A Day at Warwick Castle - Rhys Parfitt (14)

Nagty student at Warwick Castle"A couple of friends and I decided to visit the dungeons first, as we had been given a talk by the "executioners" the night before and were interested to see what he was up to. After he "chopped my head off" in imitation of an execution, we descended into the gloomy murks of the torture chambers where hidden evils lay"( more)

Maths in Action - Michaela Goff, 13.

"So far this week, our course has covered special relativity (a theory proved by Einstein) and mathematical modelling, where we learnt how mathematicians make models of situations to work out what is most likely to happen next, or the best approach to take"( more)

Getting to Know Engineering- Pippa Gardner, 13.

"I would say that so far, I have found the course enjoyable, and that the summer school is a great way of learning new things and meeting new people"( more)

Oscar Hopefuls - Tom McGauley, 15

"We are learning more about drama in three weeks than in our entire lives"( more)

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