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Second research-tv Release: Virgin Voters, DNA & Space Research

Originally published 4 April 2003

Research-tv’s second broadcast has gone out today. The film features stories on First-Time Voters, an interview with Professor Raymond Gosling and Prof. Herbert Wilson, who worked along side Crick and Watson on their DNA research, and astrophysics news from the University of Birmingham.

If you had trouble viewing the films from the last release try verifying your PC’s version of the Media Player application. IT Services have updated the version of Media Player on the delivered application tree.

How to verify your version of Media Player:

  1. Click on the Viewers folder on the IT Services Delivered Applications tree
  2. Double-click on the Media Player icon to redistribute the application (this sends a new version of the application to your PC)
  3. At this stage you may be asked to reboot your computer to allow the new settings to take effect
  4. In Internet Explorer go to and navigate to one of the films
  5. You should now be able to view the film

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