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What You Didn't Know About Warwick Open Day

Open Day
Warwick Open Day
Originally Published 14 April 2003

The University will be hosting its next Open Day on Wednesday 30 April. Whilst it might mean longer queues for a sandwich at lunch, open days are a great opportunity for potential students to check out what Warwick has to offer, both academically and otherwise.

But what does running an open day actually mean? The numbers below indicate the scale of the operations.


The number of students expected to attend the open day.

Not only do the students turn up, but we also have to accommodate 1700 parents and 200 teachers. In total it means managing an extra 5000 people on campus.


The number of administrative, academic and other staff involved in running the event, giving talks and seminars and generally keeping the whole affair ticking over. Add to this all the support, catering, cleaning and estates staff who have to help the extra people and it means quite a commitment for the University.


The number of campus tours our 140 Student Ambassadors will be conducting.

Open days aren't just about finding out about academic subjects - they are also a chance for budding students to find out about accommodation, the local social life, places to eat and drink, and all the other aspects to living and studying at Warwick. And who better to introduce them than our current students.


The number of talks, presentations, information desks and demonstrations that will be conducted on the day by 27 departments.

Whilst it may seem like a lot of hard work running an open day it is worth remembering these two key numbers that make Warwick Open Day so important.

90% of attendees rate the open day experience as very good to excellent.

85% say that it will have a positive effect on their decision about which University they will apply for.

Not wanting to rest on our laurels, Ken Sloan, Director of Student Recruitment and Admissions, is inviting staff to look at the open day and make suggestions on how it might be improved. He said: "Open days offer a chance for potential students to get a real experience of the campus, a taster of academic study and life beyond."

More information about open days at Warwick is avialble from the Student Recruitment and Admissions Office.

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