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Department of Chemistry - QAA Developmental Engagement

Originally Published 14 May 2003

The Department of Chemistry is celebrating a successful outcome to its Developmental Engagement by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), which took place on 7-8 May 2003. The Department, the only one at Warwick to undergo the new discipline-level review prior to the University's Institutional Audit next March, volunteered to participate, and was delighted with the outcome, which was reported to departmental staff last Thursday.

Chemistry Students

Chemistry Students

The panel drew attention to numerous examples of good practice and praised the department's friendly and informal atmosphere, which had won commendation from past and present students.

For more information on Quality at Warwick see or contact Kara Penner,, or Roberta Woolridge Smith,, in the Deputy Registrar?s Office.

For more information on the Department of Chemistry see or contact Charlotte Billing, Departmental Secretary, on