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Vacation Operation - Sutherland Staff Lounge & Rootes Restaurant

Rootes Restaurant
Originally Published 30 June 2003

Due to fluctuating business levels throughout August, Warwick Hospitality will not be opening Rootes Restaurant every day. Please check local posters for details.

Sutherland Staff Lounge

As from Tuesday 1 July, summer conference season is upon us and we are aware that during vacation time, the use of the Sutherland Staff Lounge is limited, due to Rootes Restaurant normally being closed for cash sales. On a trial basis, we are introducing the sale of an all inclusive ticket, which will enable you to still use the restaurant and Staff Lounge.

Ticket price:

£5.50 per person – all inclusive price to include any main course, salad, dessert and hot/cold drinks.

Guidelines for use:

  • Tickets will be available from Rootes Reception only
  • Staff card will need to be shown at the time of purchase
  • Individuals may only purchase a maximum of two tickets for any one day
  • Payment will be by cash or credit card only (no payments to a cost centre will be accepted)
  • Tickets may only be purchased on the day for that day
  • Wherever possible Reception will highlight if certain times are not available due to business levels

Warwick Hospitality would appreciate your feedback on this new concept. Either write your comments in the comments book or e-mail