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Rag Week 2003

RAG Week 2003 Logo
RAG Week 2003 Logo

Originally published 17 November 2003

For one week every year, the University of Warwick campus becomes a hotbed of fun, games and large furry animals running around campus with water guns, as we celebrate RAG week and raise lots of money for charity.

This week is RAG week once again, with the usual gnomings, deliveries, fundraising frolics and entertainments. You can even overcome your fears and take part in firewalking.

Last year RAG week raised around £10,000. This year they’re hoping to increase that sum, with proceeds going to three charities: DEBRA UK (working on behalf of people with the genetic skin blistering condition, Epidermolysis Bullosa), Meningitis Research Foundation, and Coventry Victim Support.

Deliveries to friends, colleagues and loved-ones range from £3.50 for a pint, a glass of wine or a rose, to £4.50 for a box of chocolates, and £5.50 for a Cholo Pizza. Gnomings (a chance to get revenge on your friends and rivals) cost £5 for a regular gnoming (flour and water) and £8 for a king gnoming (water, flour, cling film, foam).

This year RAG is also visiting the movies, with events and entertainment themed around various movie-genres.

Events began over the weekend with a screening of Saturday Night Fever in the Student Cinema and continued with the weekly pub-quiz on Sunday. For the remainder of the week, each day takes on a different movie genre.

Monday – Western Movies

Top Banana will take on a Wild West theme with a bucking bronco and guests invited to dress up in their Stetsons and cowboy boots. There will also be a slave-auction of Students’ Union sabbatical officers.

Wednesday – Horror Movies and Golden Oldies

Scream masks will descend on campus throughout the day but don’t fear – it’s all in the name of charity. In the evening, settle into sophistication as you sip cocktails and enjoy jazz from the Pretty Small Band in the Graduate.

Thursday – Sci Fi Movies

Daytime activities will feature sci-fi costumes, while at 5pm a competition to see who can eat a gallon of ice cream in the shortest possible time will take place. Place your bets…

Friday – Action Movies

To match the action movie theme, students (and staff!) are invited to take a walk on red-hot coals at the Varsity on Friday evening. Anyone interested should sign up at the RAG stand in the Union this week.

Saturday – Romance/Blue Movies

Romance is on the cards on Saturday night with a Traffic Light Disco in the Students’ Union.

Anyone interested in joining in with or setting up their own fundraising activities, and booking a delivery or gnoming, should either visit the RAG office in Union North or the RAG stall set up in Cholo this week.

For further information visit the Warwick Rag website or call the RAG office on 024 7657 2764.