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Computer Virus Outbreak - Message from Phil Martin

Originally Published 26 September 2003

Many organisations are suffering seriously from computer virus outbreaks at the moment. Entire networks have been grinding to a halt and preventing normal working. The Warwick network is already carrying a large amount of virus traffic because a large number of PCs don't have virus software and the latest Windows updates. We must clamp down on this quickly before it disables us at this busy time of year.

You are required to run antivirus software on your computer and apply the latest Windows updates (also known as 'security patches'). New viruses appear frequently so it is essential that you apply all the updates as they become available.

Those of you who use an unmodified, managed desktop provided by ITS should be fully protected as long as you are using the AVP software provided as part of the Warwick Tree under 'Virus Checking'.

The new Campus Network allows ITS to track the source of these viruses to particular machines. If your machine is infected it will be disconnected electronically from the network until you have contacted the Helpdesk on 73737 and sought advice. If you find that your computer stops working this may be the reason.

Thanks for taking this threat seriously.

Phil Martin
Director of IT Services

See the IT Services FAQs on computer viruses:

If you are in any doubt please ring the IT Services helpdesk on ext 73737