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Students' Union Elections and Referenda

Originally published 19 November 2003

The Autumn elections for student representatives on University Committees take place in Week 9. Polling takes place 24 hours a day from 9 am on Wednesday 26 November until 9 pm on Friday 28 November. You can vote online on the Students’ Union portal.

There is a quorum of 5%.

Quorum: The minimal number of officers and members of a committee or organisation, usually a majority, who must be present for valid transaction of business.

John Cross, the Union’s Returning Officer explains “Unfortunately insufficient people voted last year – the Students’ Union requests your assistance in meeting and exceeding the minimum number of votes necessary.”

Your vote is needed for the following:

University Positions:
  • Undergraduate Science Representative
  • Third Senate Representative

Union Positions:

  • Deputy Chair of Council
  • Communications Committee Chair
  • Sports Federation Committee Chair
  • Campaigns Committee Chair
  • Democratic Oversight Committee Chair
  • Environment Campaign Convenor

NUS Positions:

  • 10 NUS Conference Delegates
  • NUS Women’s Conference Delegate


  • Should the Students’ Union lobby the University to introduce a Freshers’ Period?
  • Should all tea, coffee, hot chocolate and sugar provided in the Students’ Union be Fair Trade?

Polling takes place online. You can log in, see candidate lists, read manifestos and vote by going to the Elections Section of the Students’ Union website(full instructions are provided).