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Network Stabilisation Plan

Originally published 26 November 2003

We are working to fully diagnose and resolve a small number of outstanding problems with our new network that have been causing the recent instability.

This is an update to inform you about progress:

  • We implemented some changes over night on 24/25 Nov to simplify the configuration and minimise the possibility that a loop could be induced by a hardware or software failure. This will form the stable baseline from which we will make careful incremental improvements. Network stability will continue to be our number one priority.
  • Since we have traced the trigger for two of our major network outages to a particular user of a wireless network on campus we have disabled the wireless and hotlinks services while we fully investigate these incidents. See ( and
  • The wireless base stations are still active so a user will still be able to pick up a signal, however internet access from the wireless network has been disabled. Internet access from the Hotlinks service has also been disabled.
  • Changes to the network will be minimised and very tightly controlled. Only changes that have been proposed by our suppliers in order to resolve specific problems will be implemented and, only then, after a full risk analysis, technical assessment and approval by the ITS senior management team. Any changes will, of course, be undertaken at times that minimise the potential impact to the University.
  • Experts from both Extreme Networks and Telindus are working continuously with us on site and will continue to do so until the problems are resolved and we are able to accept our network as performing satisfactorily.
  • Warwick University is being treated by Extreme Networks as a 'Critical Account'. This means that our problems will be reviewed on a weekly basis at board level and maximum priority has been applied to their resolution. There is only one other organisation on this programme worldwide at the moment.

We will continue to update you.

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